Save Time

IceKicker's specially formulated additive KickStarts the brining process helping you cut snow and ice faster than before!


Save Money

IceKicker reduces corrosion by 50% and saves on equipment costs.


Save Lives

IceKicker's blue color helps emphasize where crews have been and what roads are safe.


Featured on "The Transporter"

Idaho Transportation Department

Word on the Street

What our customers are saying about us.

“This stuff WORKS! I’ve tried all different types of de-icing salt over the years and nothing compares to IceKicker! At near zero degrees, we had puddles of water on our city streets. I am very impressed with this product!”

Jon Lesko - City of Rock Springs - Rock Springs, WY

“I had a snow packed road, the temperature was 22°. I put down IceKicker and in 10 minutes I had running water on the road. IceKicker flat out works, no doubt about it!”

Jamie Jensen - Cache County - Logan, UT

“I’ve used a lot of deicing salts throughout my 30 years in public works, but none of them have worked as well as IceKicker! IceKicker works fast and effectively saving money on our budget, and cutting down on operating costs. The citizens like that you can see it, but it doesn’t leave behind a dirty residue; and my guys like that it cuts ice at temperatures they haven’t seen before. IceKicker has definitely been a win / win for our city!